Go mobile with backpack advertising balloons

The portable customizable balloon is a solution used in street marketing (distribution of leaflets or samples).

Information on walking balloons (balloons on backpacks)

Transportable advertising balloon on a backpack

A mobile balloon for your street marketing operations.

Backpack balloons are mobile communication elements, hung on backpacks, for street marketing operations. Lightweight, for the wearer's comfort, they can be carried on the street, in a festival or in a department store. They can be used to distribute flyers or for subscription operations.

With a round shape, the walking balloons are fully customisable and reusable. The PVC envelope is fully printable. A pole holds it to the backpack mounted on a thermoformed shell by means of fastening clips and a fastening plate with velcro. Lightweight and durable, the balloons are inflated with an electric inflator (air only).

Specially designed not to weigh down the wearer's shoulders, the backpacks have a set of straps (belly and chest) for better stability and ideal weight distribution over the whole body.

A 100% customisable solution

For the backpack balloons we use the same material as the traditional advertising balloons, only the thickness changes: our portable balloons are thicker (0.35mm) to allow for greater durability.

Like the giant balloons, the backpack balloons can be personalised on part or all of the surface.
Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can advise you on its marking.

Different sizes of backpack balloons.

The backpack balloons are available in 2 sizes

Backpack ball : Ø 60 cm Backpack ball : Ø 80 cm
balloon size backpack 60cm
balloon size backpack 60cm

Colour of the balloon background possible

12 colours

P2915 P280 NOIR P293 P806 P254 P348 P116 P032 P478 P360 P021

It is also possible to print a specific colour on the entire surface of the balloon.

  • Battery backlighting system.
  • Additional PVC casing
  • Additional backpack
  • Electric air inflator
Accessories supplied
  • 0.35mm PVC cover + velcro
  • Backpack mounted on a thermoformed shell
  • Chest and waist tightening.
  • Mounting plate with velcro.

Our street marketing solutions

The idea of designing backpack balloons came to us as a result of the discovery pacemaker sails:
these flags on backpacks that can be seen in marathons and half-marathons.

We also offer advertising flags that can also be used in street marketing.