Self-contained inflatable tent, waterproof and without permanent blower

Your inflatable stand can be set up very quickly, and is 100% autonomous during the event (no need for a power outlet)

Information on inflatable tents with captive air

The captive air tent

a waterproof inflatable tent (without a permanent blower).

For the installation of a stand or a covered relaxation area where a permanent access to the electrical system is not possible, the tents with captive air are the adequate solution. They can be fully customised thanks to their large printing area and are reusable. Their double waterproof envelope made of coated Oxford fabric is light, for easy transport, and strong, for a longer life.

Complete with a waterproof nylon cover and a water base attachment system for added stability, the windless tents are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are supplied with a durable storage and transport bag. Other fixing accessories are available as options.

With its modern design, the tethered tent is a natural fit in a sports village, at the entrance to a festival to protect your staff from rain, wind and sun, or even in a garden or park for a reception or exhibition.

Customisation of waterproof advertising tents !

The interior of the inflatable tent is made of waterproof TPU. This part is covered with a polyester membrane, which forms the structure of the tent.
The structure is grey at the top and black at the feet.

The customizable parts are the roof and the doors, these parts are made of coated polyester, which makes the tent 100% waterproof while still allowing for printing.

The inflatable is fitted with a roof (white, black, red or blue by default) or personalised with your colours (four-colour printing)

Then the doors or "wall" of the tent can be fitted, just like the roof the default background colours are white, black, red or blue, but these doors can be totally customised to your colours.

Various sizes

Model Height Length Door height Door width Floor area Weight
TP300 2.60m 3.00m 2.35m 2.70m 9m² 11 kg
TP400 3.40m 4.00m 2.40m 3.70m 16m² 16kg
TP500 4.30m 5.00m 2.70m 4.70m 25m² 20kg

Choice of colours for tents with captive air

Colour of the structure

The structure is grey, and the feet are black

Roof and door colours

By default :

  • white
  • black
  • blue
  • red
Your logos can be transferred in full colour on the roofs or doors.

It is also possible to personalise the entire surface of the doors and roof (total covering)

  • TPU inner liner + Oxford Induction fabric
  • Polyester roof and wall with printable coating
  • Electric air inflator or hand pump
  • Carrier bag

  • Fixing kit for water base
  • 8.80 litre waterbases + foot protection
  • Floor fixing spikes
  • Additional roof / Additional walls

Some ideas for using our captive air range

Inflatable tents are ideal structures for receiving the public.

On an event, you can also indicate the entry of the zone with an inflatable arch without a bulwark, and mark the main information points with inflatable totems or with balloons on tripods.

To decorate your event you could use advertising balloons with mirror effect, or even LED balloons. You can also have giant inflatable balloons on the ground in order to entertain the public.

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