Create a unique atmosphere with mirror balloons

Make your event a place of creativity and originality. These balloons are ideal for staging and decorating your events

Information on silver / mirror balloons

The silver mirror ball

A giant decorative balloon to stage your events.

The giant mirrored balloon gives your event a sense of grandeur. Place it at the heart of your space and it will create a sober and classy decor.

The "aluminium", "chrome" or "silver" effect allows the light to be reflected like a mirror, so you can "see yourself in it".

These balloons can be suspended from the ceiling or simply placed on the floor or anchored on a base.

A mirror effect balloon for decoration!

The printing of the mirror balloon is subject to strong constraints, do not hesitate to tell us about your desires and needs, we will advise you on the feasibility or not of your project.

It is possible to choose between gold or silver chrome mirror effect balloons.

Mirror balloon sizes!

These balloons can be placed on the ground or hung up, they are not inflatable with helium, here are the standard sizes :

Ø1.20 m Ø1.50 m Ø1.80 m Ø2.00 m Ø2.50 m Ø3.00 m Ø4.00 m Ø5.00 m Ø6.00 m
Additional information.

VWould you like a balloon of a different shape or size than the one below? Perhaps it's possible, contact us and talk about it !

Background colour of the balloon possible

2 metal effects :

Silver (chrome) Golden (gold)

  • Electric air inflator
  • Air inflation hoses
  • On-site installation

Our range of captive air inflatables.

Mirror effect balloons (gold or silver) are most often used as ornaments and as a stage set. In this range of "decoration" balloons you can also go for the led balloons or to classic giant air-filled balloons.

For advertising at height, you can use air balloons on a tripod. If you want to energise and entertain the audience at a concert, for example, giant pvc crowd animation balloons are ideal.
And for your marketing operations, for example in sports events, you can use inflatable tents and arches without wind tunnels. Finally, waterproof nflatable advertising columns are also available for all your events.