Give yourself unparalleled visibility with inflatable arches

Ideal for sports events, the inflatable arch provides visibility for your brand and that of your partners.

The different arch shapes and sizes available

Polygon arch

série AP
polygon arch
internal dimensions
AP4M 4.00m x 3.00m
AP5M 5.40m x 2.70m
AP6M 6.00m x 4.00m
AP8M 8.00m x 4.00m

Right arch

série AD
right arch
internal dimensions
AD4M 4.00m x 3.00m
AD5M 5.40m x 2.70m
AD6M 6.00m x 4.00m
AD8M 8.00m x 4.00m

Special arche

série AS
special arch
internal dimensions
AS4M 4.00m x 3.00m
AS5M 5.40m x 2.70m
AS6M 6.00m x 4.00m
AS8M 8.00m x 4.00m

Round arch

série AR
round arch
internal dimensions
AR5M 5.40m x 2.70m
AR6M 6.00m x 4.00m
AR8M 8.00m x 4.00m

The carry bag

and its accessories
transport bag for inflatable arch

Information on customisable inflatable arches

The inflatable arch,

a key advertising structure !

Inflatable arches are the inseparable companions of sporting events. Ideal for marking the arrival and departure of races, the entrance to an event site, increasing the visibility of a promotional stand in a shopping centre, self-ventilated inflatables are fully customisable and reusable.

Featuring a tough B1 rated Oxford PVC cover, the arch comes with a permanent, weatherproof blower for safe indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to a total printing process, on the tarpaulin and the velcro, the visual rendering is exceptional and efficient. It is available in different formats (polygon, rectangle, rounded or slim) and in different sizes.

Supplied with a strong carry bag, it is easy to take anywhere and safe to store. The arch comes with a hammer, stakes and ropes for quick and easy installation. Various options allow for full customisation of the Forced Air Arch, including LED backlighting and a printed banner.

The inflatable arch, a versatile solution !

Removable markings on canvas and/or direct printing

We offer 2 types of markings on the advertising arches:

  • Direct printing: Your logo is part of the arch's structure
  • A marking on removable velcro tarpaulins: You can change your advertising message according to the events.
It is of course possible to mix these two solutions, for example: direct printing for your brand, and removable places for your partners and other messages (start/finish).

Possible background colours for the arches

12 colours

P2915 P280 NOIR P293 P806 P254 P348 P116 P032 P478 P360 P021

It is also possible to print illustrations on the entire surface of the inflatable arch..

  • Additional removable covers
  • Stakes and guy ropes
  • Additional ventilation(s)
  • LED backlighting system

Our range of inflatables

The inflatable arch is the most common type of self-ventilated structure, but we offer many other structures.

Indeed, we can offer you inflatable totems & columns to put in front of your shop.
Self-ventilated hot-air balloons are most often used for car dealerships.
The inflatable tent could be an advertising asset for your outdoor events, and if you want an inflatable shelter without advertising, you could go for an inflatable dome.
For the evening, illuminated balloons are recommended.