Communicate effectively with the inflatable totems

The installation of totems / columns is very simple.

Information on advertising columns (inflatable totem)

The inflatable column,

disconcertingly simple signage !

Self-ventilating inflatable totems and columns are a must for communication signage. Offering high visibility, they are ideal for indoor or outdoor installation thanks to a permanent integrated blower, protected from the weather.

While hook arches effectively mark the start and finish of races, advertising columns and rugby totems can be used to indicate a checkpoint or landmark. With full customisation, these inflatable structures offer unparalleled visibility.

Made from Oxford PVC for strength, our self-ventilated elements are fully printed, covering the tarpaulin and velcro. Supplied with a carry bag, hammer, pegs and ropes, they are quick and easy to set up and follow you around. Available in different heights, they can be complemented with LED backlighting for maximum visibility at night.

Marking of your logo: vertical or horizontal

The advertising columns can be personalised over their entire surface.

On straight columns and hooked arches, it is preferable to make a vertical marking for your brand, but your logo can be placed horizontally.
For rugby totems, your advertising message should preferably be placed in the upper part (the oval part) of the column.

In any case, do not hesitate to send us your logo and graphic charter so that we can create a 3D visual of your product.

Different formats and sizes.

Totem Rugby
totem rugby

height/Ø of pillars/ovoid

Totem Rugby S 2.00m / Ø 1.00m / 2.50m x 1.50m
Totem Rugby M 3.00m / Ø 1.00 / 2.50m x 1.50m
Totem Rugby L 4.00m / Ø 1.00m / 2.50m x 1.50m
Totem Rugby XL 5.00m / Ø 1.00m / 2.50m x 1.50m
Right column
right column

height /Ø of the column

Right column M 2.20m / Ø 0.44m 2.00m / Ø 0.45m 2.20m / Ø 0.60m 2.80m / Ø 0.72m Right column M 2.80m / Ø 0.45m 3.00m / Ø 0.60m 3.80m / Ø 0.72m
Arch hook
totem rugby

height / Ø pillars

Arch hook M 3.00m / Ø 0.90m
Arch hook L 4.00m / Ø 1.10m

Some options and accessories for customisable totems

  • Velcro printed banners
  • Backlighting
  • Outdoor blower
  • Carrying bag

Our range of self-ventilated structures

The advertising totem is a very effective but little known self-ventilated structure, our range of wind tunnel advertising is quite wide :
We can provide you with an nflatable advertising arch (these are the arches that are used at races for example),
To house your stand or your event, we offer inflatable tents on a blower or mechanical advertising tents.
Inflatable igloos are also a good alternative.
If you want an original inflatable you can opt for advertising hot air balloons or ventilated windsocks (skydancers).
Skydancers can also be illuminated, as can illuminating balloons on tripods .