Advertising flags and florentin customizable banners

Whatever your activity, the promotional flag allows you to display your company's colors with ease.

Information on customizable advertising flags

The advertising flags

Give yourself exceptional visibility!

Offering exceptional visibility, advertising flags have a large marking surface, ideal for promoting an event or a company. Fully customizable, our beach-flags are available in different sizes (straight, rounded rectangle, drop of water or magnum, leaf, surf, etc.), perfectly adapted to strike the minds of passers-by.

The banners are mounted on a carbon fibre mast. They are made of a 100% reusable printed polyester voile. The printing is done on both sides in inverted mode. Sold with a black Oxford 300 D sheath, they are easy to transport and store. Their stability at the time of exposure is guaranteed by a base adapted to the chosen model and its use, indoors or outdoors.

Our sails and flags are particularly suitable for sporting events (arrival and departure markings), fairs, events and festivals, to improve the visibility of a promotional event in a store or to highlight a stand.

flag customization a banner personalized with your colours!

Advertising flags are highly customizable items: sizes, shapes, colours.

Depending on the shape of the flag, its markable surface may be bigger or smaller, but there are ultimately no real constraints for its customization.

After choosing your flag type, we will provide you with the template of the printing area corresponding to the shape of the flag.

We can also design the graphics and/or guide you in the choices to be made.

Customizable straight flags

Models Sail format Overall format
Straight flags / PFF range
PFF140 40 cm x 100 cm 40 cm x 136 cm
PFF180 70 cm x 150 cm 70 cm x 180 cm
PFF220 65 cm x 185 cm 65 cm x 220 cm
PFF350 80 cm x 271 cm 80 cm x 350 cm
PFF480 120 cm x 375 cm 120 cm x 480 cm
PFF500 129 cm x 372 cm 129 cm x 455 cm
PFF600 157 cm x 455 cm 157 cm x 540 cm
PFF700 181 cm x 541 cm 181 cm x 630 cm

Beach flag rectangle rounded rectangle

Models Sail format Overall format
Beach flag rectangle rounded rectangle
PWF140 35 cm x 115 cm 35 cm x 150 cm
PWF210 50 cm x 185 cm 50 cm x 210 cm
PWF240 65 cm x 200 cm 65 cm x 240 cm
PWF350 70 cm x 279 cm 70 cm x 350 cm
PWF470 80 cm x 379 cm 80 cm x 470 cm
PWF500 100 cm x 430 cm 100 cm x 500 cm
PWF600 100 cm x 520 cm 100 cm x 600 cm
PWF700 100 cm x 620 cm 100 cm x 700 cm

PVF beach flag "tear drop" range Customizable "tear drop" flags

Models Sail format Overall format
Flags Water droplets / PVF range
PVF210 70 cm x 180 cm 70 cm x 210 cm
PVF300 70 cm x 260 cm 70 cm x 300 cm
PVF420 70 cm x 350 cm 70 cm x 420 cm
PVF500 100 cm x 370 cm 100 cm x 450 cm
PVF600 100 cm x 470 cm 100 cm x 550 cm
PVF700 100 cm x 570 cm 100 cm x 650 cm

Special shaped flags Customizable flags with special shapes

Models Sail format Overall format
Surf flags / PSF range
PSF190 49 cm x 91 cm 49 cm x 190 cm
PSF240 80 cm x 148 cm 80 cm x 240 cm
PSF340 99 cm x 240 cm 99 cm x 340 cm
Magnum flags / PMF range
PMF310 100 cm x 200 cm 100 cm x 310 cm
Flags Sheet / PLF Range
PLF310 90 cm x 210 cm 90 cm x 310 cm

We offer many accessories for flags, beach flags and other banners.

There are many bases / stands / supports, to be defined according to the range of flags, their sizes and/or their uses.

Some examples of flag accessories

(non-exhaustive list), do not hesitate to consult us so that we can guide you

  • Steel plates 4kg, 5kg, 7kg, 10kg - with or without rotation axis
  • Round steel plates 4kg
  • Steel crosspiece 1.5kg , 4kg, 15kg
  • Chrome crosspiece 3kg
  • Star cross 3kg
  • Tyre hanger 3kg
  • Poche lestable ronde 10 L
  • Concrete base 10kg
  • Drilling stake 1kg
  • Drilling pile to screw in 1kg
  • Rotation axis
  • Rotation axis & vertical plate
  • Rotation axis & 45° wall plate
  • Steel plate fixing pin

Some products similar to advertising banners

Advertising flags are usually fixed to the ground on a steel plate, on a water base, or even under car wheels for example...

But did you know that it is possible to attach small flags to backpacks for street-marketing purposes?

We also offer this type of product, simply called "backpack flags" if they are promotional flags used in the street, or "pacesetter flags" if they are used during sports races (10km, trails, marathons etc...).

You can also find all our advertising products by clicking here.