Giant advertising balloon without helium, on telescopic mast..

Advertising balloon 100% customizable, inflated with air on a telescopic pole, with your company colors.

Information about giant balloons on telescopic poles

The advertising balloon without helium?

An original communication tool for your stand!

In recent years, the giant advertising balloon has become an essential communication medium at trade shows and other commercial events. Indeed, these inflatable structures allow you to artificially increase the surface of your stand, and to increase the visibility of your location!

The cost of helium has soared !

During 2019, the cost of helium exploded, we had to adapt and we created the mastair: an advertising balloon that performs as well as the helium balloon, but without the constraints of helium.

Whether it's air or helium, either way, this type of communication never leaves anyone indifferent.

A customized advertising balloon colors of your company!

Our balloons are made of PVC, this material can be fully customized.
Generally we manufacture the balloon on white PVC on which we print your advertising message... But it is possible to start on a colored background, and then apply your message (see our )

While we recommend a neutral background so that your advertising message is striking and retained, you should know that we can also print on the entire surface of the balloon (the case of a planisphere, for example, or even giant sports balls)

In POS printing, our only limit is your imagination

Various sizes .

Ø 80 cm Ø100 cm Ø120 cm Ø140 cm Ø160 cm Ø180 cm Ø200 cm
A multi-purpose balloon.

Our balloons on telescopic masts are versatile, the mast can be removed easily, so it is possible to put the balloon on the ground, and hang it from the ceiling.
For balloons over 1.80m you can even use them as classic helium balloons

Would you like a helium-free balloon of a different size or shape than the one proposed? It is possible, contact us and let's talk about it.

Balloons Background color available

We have 12 background colors available

P2915 P280 BLACK P293 P806 P254 P348 P116 P032 P478 P360 P021

It is also possible to print a specific color on the entire surface of the ball.

  • Electric air pump
  • Air inflation hoses
  • Our range of inflatable advertising balloons with or without helium

    The giant customizable balloon has a classic shape, but it is also possible to make air or helium inflatable structures to measure.

    For example, it is possible to create special form such as cars, mascots, or bouncy houses

    We can also create balloons in the shape of a cube, balloon, airship, or even xxl reproduction

    Find all our products on our catalogue.

    Mastair : a giant balloon without helium