Waterproof inflatable arch (self-contained / without permanent blower)

Once inflated, the arch can be placed anywhere without constraint of the electrical network.

Information on captive air arches

The captive air arch,

is an autonomous arch that does not need energy permanently

Captive air arches provide excellent visibility for your stands at indoor or outdoor events. Rectangular or octagonal in shape, they are inflated prior to your promotional event and do not require a continuous supply of air, which is ideal if there is no electrical connection.

Made up of an inflatable structure in reinforced PVC sheeting, the arch without a blower benefits from quality printing, independent of the structure. Your colours and your name are printed, as you wish, in total covering or on polyester elements (digital printing on 150 gr Twill polyester). The arch is mounted using velcro.

Thanks to its ease of assembly and its transport bag, the captive air arch is ideal for marking the start and finish of sporting events, the marking of ski slopes, the entrance to a festival or a trade fair. They are supplied with assembly accessories (including the inflation pump) and are available in various sizes.

Customisation of the arch without a blower

The inflatable arches with captive air are customizable with velcro covers attached to the arches' flanges.

These velcro panels are 120x146cm for the APE450 and 150x187cm for the APE650

The background colour of the captive air arch is black.

Available sizes for waterproof arches

We currently offer 2 standard sizes of captive air arches, please contact us if you require contact us if you would like a custom made arch.

Model Diameter Height Ext Width Ext Height Int Width Int Weight
APE450 0.45m 3.20m 4.50m 2.75m 3.60m 11kg
APE650 0.70m 4.50m 6.50m 3.80m 5.10m 18kg

Colours and options

Our waterproof arches are all black in colour.

It is on this structure that we attach velcro banners that are 100% customizable.

  • Waterproof structure TPU + reinforced PVC
  • Electric or manual inflation pump
  • Fixing accessories
  • Digital printing of banners
  • Carrying bag
  • Additional banners
  • Additional fastening accessories

The advertising products in this range

Captive air inflatable arches are easy to set up, They are ideal for marking the entrance to the area, or as an information or signage point.

In the same range, you can find inflatable totems and balloons on tripods that can also be used as landmarks or information points.

To receive the public or to set up an information stand, we advise you to use the inflatable tents.

If you are looking for decorative elements, floor standing balloons such as mirror balloons and LED balloons may be suitable.

In any case, do not hesitate to consult our brochure on inflatables.