Brighten up your communication with illuminated balloons

Put your brand in the spotlight and make an impression with illuminated spheres.

Information on illuminated balloons

The illuminating balloon,

your communication in the spotlight !

Ideal for brilliant communication, the self-ventilated light balloons on tripods highlight your presence. Suitable for use at trade fairs and exhibitions, they allow visitors to identify your stand from a distance and serve as a beacon to find the way to it.

Customisable and reusable, they are cubic or square in shape and are equipped with interior lighting (variable power depending on the model). Their envelope is made of nylon (standard 1), which makes them light and resistant. The printing can be total or only present on adhesives.

Equipped with a telescopic tripod and a built-in permanent blower, the air balloons are sold with a storage box for easy transport and secure storage. Optional ballast bags, extra lighting and an additional envelope with markings are available, as well as a lycra cover for the tripod for added discretion.

An illuminated balloon with your logo!

Lighted balloons on tripods are quite difficult to personalise as the envelope must be "transparent white" to allow the light to pass through properly.

Unlike other inflatables, the marking is not printed directly on the structure: it will be marked with adhesives, full printing is available but this requires a preliminary study.

Do not hesitate to provide us with your logos and sketches, we can then study the feasibility of your logo and create a 3D create a 3D simulation of your balloon.

Different models and their uses.

We offer 4 models of illuminated balloons :

  • The models PLIGHT-S: Simple, versatile, and low consumption, it is the ideal model for trade shows.
  • The models PLIGHT-CLIPS : Quick assembly, for indoor use and occasional outdoor use
  • The models PLIGHT-WR : Robust model for outdoor use and regular use
  • The models PLIGHT-WR-LED DMX : same as PLIGHT-WR, but with the magic of DMX control !

The shapes available are the ball and the cube.

Technical characteristics of the light structures

Dimensions PLIGHT
Diameter Power Wind resistance Max tripod height
0.90m 90W 20km/h 3.50m
Diameter Power Wind resistance Max tripod height
0.90m 600W 50km/h 5.00m
1.30m 1380W 50km/h 5.00m
1.60m 2400W 50km/h 5.00m
2.00m 2400W 50km/h 5.00m
Dimensions PLIGHT WR
Diameter Power Wind resistance Max tripod height
0.90m 600W 80km/h 5.00m
1.30m 1380W 80km/h 5.00m
1.60m 2400W 80km/h 5.00m
2.00m 2400W 80km/h 5.00m
Dimensions PLIGHT WR LED
Diameter Power Wind resistance Max tripod height
0.90m 100W (LED) 80km/h 5.00m
1.30m 100W (LED) 80km/h 5.00m
1.60m 100W (LED) 80km/h 5.00m
2.00m 100W (LED) 80km/h 5.00m

Options and accessories illuminated balloon

  • Electric blower
  • Nylon envelope with marking
  • LED system (depending on model)
  • Telescopic tripod
  • Storage box
  • Additional lighting
  • Envelope with additional markin
  • Ballast bags
  • Lycra cover for tripod

Our range of inflatables can also be illuminated

The light structures on tripods give you exceptional visibility.

But did you know that our entire range of self-ventilated inflatables also allows you to "play with light" :

For example, it is possible to have an LED placed on the blower skydancers, this also applies to advertising totems. For the arches and inflatable tents, it is possible to ask for the option of backlighting, which allows you to create effects on your events. Our giant hot air balloons and domes can also be backlit if required !