The XXL inflatable POS : your product in giant reproduction

Imagine the advertising impact of a very large reproduction of your product.

Information on giant reproductions in the image of your product

Imagine your product in XXL size

The inflatable dummy in large format !

Change scale, oversize your product to communicate.

We offer you an inflatable that matches the proportions and colours of your product.

Easy to set up and space-saving when deflated, this advertising tool will impress your visitors and customers.

Giant dummy product

Provide us with an image, a diagram or a sketch of the product to be made, we will propose you a 3D visual to validate the giant reproduction of this product.

There may be constraints on sizes and uses, Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can assist you throughout your project.

With total covering, it is possible to be 100% faithful to your product packaging !

Colours & Accessories

Total covering (or total printing) makes it possible to have a faithful rendering of your product.
For budgetary reasons, it is sometimes more interesting to start with a plain background.
Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can offer you the most suitable solution.

  • Air inflator 220v
  • Permanent blower
  • LED backlighting solution

Some other custom-made creations

There are different types of custom-made inflatables :

  • Captive air or self-ventilated inflatables are the ones used for mock-ups.
  • The structures of the inflatable mascots are also captive air or self-ventilated.
  • Custom helium balloons fly in the air, but are subject to certain constraints (shape/volume).

There are several types of custom-made inflatables. In fact, these inflatables can be inflated with air (captive air or ventilated air), in which case they can be used on the ground, or with helium (see our custom-made inflatable balloons).

You can find all types of inflatables in our catalogue.