Surprenez vos prospects avec les montgolfières publicitaires

Plutôt esthetique, la montgolfière rendra vos opérations de communication ludiques.

Information on self-ventilated hot-air balloons

The self-ventilated balloon,

an aesthetically pleasing structure !

Self-ventilated inflatable balloons and globes have a shape whose aesthetics and simplicity benefit the quality of your communication. Perfect for marking the entrance to a trade fair or open day, or to help locate a stand among many others, our inflatables occupy a small space for maximum effect.

Made from Oxford PVC (B1 standard), the balloons are durable and have a permanent built-in blower, protected from the elements. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they come complete with hammer, pegs and ropes. A carry bag is included so that you can take it with you wherever you go and store it safely in your premises.

With a fully customisable envelope, thanks to full printing, the globes and air balloons are reusable. Their personalisation can be completed by the installation of an LED backlight.

Differentes posibilitée de personnalisation de la hot air balloon.

IIt is possible to mark your logo on the whole surface of the balloon (total covering), or if you wish, you can define a basic background colour according to the following pantone colour chart :

P2915 P280 NOIR P293 P806 P254 P348 P116 P032 P478 P360 P021

It is also possible to print a specific colour on the entire surface of the ball.
The easiest way is to provide us with your logo and your graphic charter, we will then propose you a of the balloon with your colours.

Different sizes and formats.

Classic hot-air balloon
advertising hot air balloon of classic shape

format/Ø middle /Ø base

XS 3m / Ø 2.40m / Ø 1.05m
S 4m / Ø 3.20m / Ø 1.40m
M 5m / Ø 4.00m / Ø 1.75m
L 6m / Ø 4.80m / Ø 2.10m
XL 7m / Ø 5.60 / Ø 2.45m
XXL 8m / Ø 6.40m / Ø 2.80m
Hot air balloon
advertising hot air balloon with globe shape

format/Ø middle /Ø base

XS 3m / Ø 2.15m / Ø 1.05m
S 4m / Ø 2.70m / Ø 1.45m
M 5m / Ø 3.40m / Ø 1.70m
L 6m / Ø 4.30m / Ø 2.20m
XL 7m / Ø 4.80m / Ø 2.60m
XXL 8m / Ø 5.40m / Ø 2.90m
Hot air balloon
balloon-shaped advertising balloon

format/Ø middle /Ø base

XS 3m / Ø 2.50m / Ø 1.40m
S 4m / Ø 3.30m / Ø 1.90m
M 5m / Ø 4.20m / Ø 2.30m
L 6m / Ø 4.90m / Ø 2.80m
XL 7m / Ø 5.80m / Ø 3.30m
XXL 8m / Ø 6.60m / Ø 3.80m

Options & Accessories for self-ventilated balloons

  • LED backlighting
  • Stakes and ropes for fixing
  • Carrying bag

Our range of self-ventilated inflatables

Unlike inflatable arches, advertising hot-air balloons are inflatable structures that are still very little used in France... However, they are a very original way of making yourself visible.

In the same game you can find inflatable tents on a wind and advertising igloos : These two structures can be used as a stand or a reception area for your events. If you are looking for a less imposing advertising product, you can use the inflatable advertising columns or for more dynamism you can use skydancers.

For a more stylish look, illuminated balloons are a very good option.