Combine robustness and lightness with he aluminium pro folding tent

These folding barnums can be used as mobile shelters for outdoor use, and as folding exhibition stands for indoor use.

Information on folding barnums and other folding advertising tents

The aluminium tent as an advertising medium

An advertising shelter for trade fairs, a folding stand for exhibitions!

Aluminium tents feature a reusable and customisable aluminium frame and PVC sheeting. Ideal for protecting a stand from the sun, rain and wind at fairs and markets, the folding barnums provide comfort and visibility for your team.

Also known as mechanical tents, they are light and strong, easy to set up and take down. Available in a range of sizes, they are versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The ability to fit gutters and ballast kits means that they can be used outdoors even in uncertain weather conditions. With a small footprint when dismantled, the aluminium frame mechanical tents are easy to store for the next event. The accompanying carry bag also makes them easy to handle.

Their large and numerous surfaces allow you to communicate effectively at 360° thanks to the installation of side panels. The high quality printing ensures an excellent visual appearance.

A folding tent that can be personalised over its entire surface !

Our aluminium folding tents are made up of several elements :

  • The aluminium structure: this is a folding "scissor" structure made of strong hexagonal aluminium bars and nylon parts
  • A roof with reinforced corners and flaps
  • Doors or "walls" on zips

We offer full printing on the entire surface of the tent: its roof, its flaps, and its 4 sides

Different sizes and formats

For aluminium tents we have two ranges:
- the Alu Eco range, for occasional use
- the Alu Pro range for intensive occasions.
The aluminium structure is reinforced (thicker) for the Alu Pro range

The eco aluminium tent
Dimension Surface Alu Structure Weight
3m x 3m 9m² Héxa 42x42mm 21 kgs
3m x 4.50m 13m² Héxa 42x42mm 22 kgs
3m x 6m 18 m² Héxa 42x42mm 30 kgs
The aluminium pro tent
Dimension Surface Alu Structure Weight
3m x 3m 9m² Octo 52x52mm 30 kgs
3m x 4.50m 13m² Octo 52x52mm 40 kgs
3m x 6m 18 m² Octo 52x52mm 50 kgs
4m x 4m 16 m² Octo 52x52mm 35 kgs
4m x 8m 24 m² Octo 52x52mm 60 kgs

Options and accessories for folding tents

The accessories supplied
  • Polyester roof
  • Polyester doors
  • Fixing pegs and hammer
  • Ballast rope
  • Assembly instructions
  • Carrying bag
Available options
  • Ballast bag
  • Additional doors with imprints
  • Additional fixing pegs
  • Flag holder
  • PVC "puzzle" floor

Our range of advertising materials for the display stand

While advertising tents are practical for setting up an outdoor stand, you should not forget the interior layout

That's why we have designed a range of displays for your exhibition stands: frominflatable furniture and reception desks so that your customers and prospects are receptive and well received. And picture walls and umbrella stands to make your spaces memorable.

The world of inflatable advertising and POS is vast, we invite you to browse our catalogue dedicated to POS.