Take action with backpack flags

Backpack flags are ideal for street marketing (brand launches, flyers, sampling)

Information on the backpack flags

Backpack banners

Rhe solution for your street marketing operations !

Rucksack flags are nomadic promotional flags, the pole of which is attached to a rucksack. Particularly suitable for communication at trade fairs and festivals, they are also suitable for the organisation of sports events, such as races and marathons, where pacemaker sails are required.

The mast is made of carbon fibre for maximum lightness. The sail is made of 100% polyester mesh for full coverage on both sides when crossing. It is attached to a backpack mounted on a thermoformed shell that follows the shape of the back and has chest and waist tighteners for greater comfort and stability.

This street marketing tool can be used indoors or outdoors and is easy to set up, light and resistant. The canopy is available in two formats: straight or teardrop. Additional canopies and carry bags are available as an option.

A mobile veil with your message !

Just like the flags and beach classic, the sail of the backpack is customisable all over.

Depending on the quantities requested and the complexity of the logo we will be able to print your sail using digital printing or silk-screening

Different sizes and shapes of backpack sails.

The backpack flags are available in 2 sizes.

The straight format The water droplet format
format flag backpack right sail
format flag backpack sailing drop of water

Accessories for backpack sails

  • Extra sail
  • Carrying bag
Accessories supplied
  • Backpack mounted on a thermoformed shell that follows the shape of the back.
  • Chest and waist tightening.
  • 100% polyester mesh sail.
  • Total covering printing on one side, reverse side through
  • Carbon fibre mast

Our range of street marketing

In street marketing, originality and mobility come first!
After designing a system for fixing flags on backpacks, we have developed a mast system to attach an advertising balloon, we have named this new product "the rucksack ball".

In the street marketing range, we could also mention customisable bannersthat can be used in the street for your marketing operations.