On-site installation of your helium balloon

Inflatable advertising installation services throughout most of France

Benoit and Xavier install a balloon on a customer's stand at the Space show

Installation of advertising balloons at trade fairs.

Indoors, at a trade fair for example, the installation of a helium balloon is not complex, The most restrictive part is undoubtedly the transport and logistics of the helium bottles. The balloon itself is easy to set up, provided you are careful about the environment in which it is installed.

We are aware that our customers do not always have the availability or the logistical means to install a balloon on their stand to install a promotional balloon on their stand themselves, which is why we offer a turnkey This is why we offer a turnkey on-site installation solution, including the supply and transport of the helium.

Installation of advertising balloons outside.

Outside, the installation of a giant helium balloon (generally a balloon larger than 2.50m or a dirigible balloon) is subject to a few principles : First of all, the agreement of the DGAC is compulsory and that of the town hall is recommended, the weather conditions must be favourable, and an installation in 3 points of attachment, each spaced at a distance equivalent to the height of the balloon, etc.... Also, the handling of the balloon can be complex depending on its size, the weather, but also the topography of the site.

For the first installation of your helium inflatable outdoors, we recommend that you go through our network of partners, so that our installer can train you in the handling of the balloon.

A network of installers at your disposal.

For many years we have been working with installers throughout France Our partners are event professionals who have been trained in the handling of inflatable advertising. Thus, we can offer you inflating services in almost all the Exhibition Parks, and on a large part of France.
In all cases, consider consult us to find out about the availability of our partners.

Helium supply in France.

If you wish to install your balloon yourself, we can supply you with helium through the "Air Liquide" network of agents with whom we have negotiated preferential rates for you.

Scope of services.

Generally speaking, the services offered by PUBEO SAS are reserved for customers of our products.
In exceptional cases, we can help you with "external" products, but this must be studied on a case-by-case basis.

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