The umbrella stand,, the ultra mobile communication solution

Umbrella stands are very popular with travelling salespeople as this type of display stand is very easy to transport.

Umbrella stand information

The umbrella stand: the essential communication tool.

Compact and light, easy to set up, the folding stand is above all an effective support!

Umbrella stands are one of the most transportable quick deployment display solutions. With a very light and strong aluminium frame, the stands are covered with a printed polyester fabric, attached to the uprights by hook and loop fasteners.

Foldable stands can only be used indoors, but are suitable for all occasions: sports or cultural events, trade fairs, press areas or museum entrances - there are no limits! You can print your logo, the logos of your event partners, a presentation of the product you are currently promoting - the possibilities are also unlimited.

With exceptional visibility and a large branding surface (298 cm x 28 cm), the umbrella stand allows for effective, fully personalised communication. It is also completely reusable. The umbrella structure can be removed and folded up easily, making it easy to transport and store.

A 100% customizable stand adapted to your needs !

Umbrella stands consist of 2 parts :
- a rigid structure: it can be tubular in aluminium, pvc or carbon, or in scissor structure (in aluminium)
- an advertising "sail cover": usually a polyester fabric and sometimes a PVC panel.

This is the sail/house which is customisable over its entire surface, and is printed digitally (double-sided on request).

The different sizes of umbrella stands !

We currently offer 3 types of umbrella stands :

  • Tubular picture wall : an umbrella stand to be assembled with tubes and a cove
  • Umbrella wall : an umbrella stand to unfold
  • Inflatable picture wall : an umbrella stand to inflate

Tubular umbrella stands :

Format Width Height Weight
Format S 3.00m 2.30m 9kg
Format M 6.00m 2.30m 17kg

Foldable umbrella stands :

Format Width Height Depth Weight
Format S 2.28m 2.28m 0.38m 13kg
Format M 3.05m 2.30m 038m 14kg

Inflatable umbrella stands :

Outside width Inside width Height Flaps Weight
3.00m 2.20m 2.40m 0.50m 12.5kg

These are our standards, we can offer you multiple options according to your wishes and needs, do not hesitate to consult us for any questions or special requests

Our range of communication tools for your exhibition stand

When it comes to communication for your exhibition stand, there are many possibilities...

We have selected for you some of our favourite products, such as the inflatable furniture because it is on your stand as well as at outdoor events, the reception desks for their ease of use, and also the folding aluminium tent which is versatile for any large-scale event.

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