Captivate and involve the audience with balloon crowds

Crowd balloons or public balloons are giant thick PVC balloons, personalised or not, that can be "thrown" into the audience.

Information on advertising balloons to be launched into the public

The giant balloon for the public,

a memorable communication that really sets the mood !

Public balloons are the only captive air inflatables that ask your audience to be active... in a completely playful way! Launched into the crowd attending a concert, fireworks display or festival, they are picked up by the people present who make them their own. Your brand is close to the people thanks to these mobile media.

Made of thick PVC, they are resistant and reusable (if the crowd agrees not to take them away as souvenirs!) With a diameter varying from 80 to 120 cm, they are light, visible and easy to handle, while being safe for the public. Thanks to their closing system with a non-return valve, there is no risk of accidental deflation.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the promotional Game Balls come with a carry bag and a pump for inflation.

A giant balloon in your brand's colours !

The giant balloons to be launched into the audience are made of PVC (0.35mm).
They are therefore very easily customisable.

The background colour of the balloon can be chosen from the 12 Pantone colours, but it is also possible to print your design on the entire surface of the balloon.

Do not hesitate to send us your visuals so that we can make a 3D simulation of your future balloon.

Different sizes and their uses.

Ø 80 cm Ø 100 cm Ø 120 cm Ø 160 cm
Additional information.

These giant balloons can also be used as ground balloons, but they no longer have any attachment points.

Background colour of the "public" balloon

12 Pantone colours

P2915 P280 NOIR P293 P806 P254 P348 P116 P032 P478 P360 P021

It is also possible to print a specific colour on the entire surface of the balloon.

  • Electric air inflator
  • Air inflation hoses

Notre gamme de structure publicitaire gonflable à air

The crowd balloon is a giant advertising balloon on which the attachment points have been removed, it is also the same type of balloon as the tripod balloon.

For information, mirror balloons are too heavy to be launched into a crowd, but LED balloons can be.

Within this range of captive air signage, there are also advertising columns that you can place at the entrance of your event. To mark a change of zone, we propose the inflatable arches without blowers , and for reception points, airtight tents with captive air can be a good alternative to a bungalow or pro tent.