A giant inflatable mascot to boost your image

Creation of a customised mascot to boost your communication.

Information on inflatable mascots

Creation of an inflatable mascot

Creation of customised advertising characters

Inflatable mascots are great products for communication.

With captive air or pulsed air, these mascots can be used in many configurations: outdoor or indoor events, open doors, commercial annimations in shops or in the streets.

Very "eye-catching", these mascots will delight your visitors, whether they are children or adults, your target audience will be won over !

Tailor-made inflatable figures

Just like your product branded POS, the design of a giant inflatable mascot must go through a 3D creation process.
Also you will provide us with a sketch or an image of the desired mascot, and from this file we will design a 3D visual allowing the validation of the manufacturing.

Depending on your project, constraints on shapes and sizes may exist, so we are at your disposal to help you realize your idea.

Customisable mascots

The mascots are the image of your brand, which is why they are 100% customisable, both in size and in colour. We manufacture products that respect your graphic charter and your desires.

  • 220v inflator for captive air mascots
  • Permanent blower for self-ventilated mascots
  • LED backlighting system

Some other custom-made inflatable creations

We can design different types of custom-made inflatables, such as inflatable characters, we can create customisable inflatable displays representing your product in a large size (bottles, packets of chips, tubes of toothpaste, pots of paint, etc.).

In some cases it is even possible to fly them, in which case we speak of "helium inflatable custom shapes".

All inflatables can also be seen in our online catalogue.