Opt for versatility with these captive air columns

With its interchangeable "socks" your inflatable cylinder can be used on many events

Information on inflatable totems with captive air

The captive air totem,

a versatile advertising column!

Captive air signage has the advantage that it can be installed anywhere, even where there is no permanent electrical connection. The inflatable columns without a blower are therefore suitable for marking a race in the woods, stands on the beach or in the middle of a covered exhibition.

With the exceptional visibility provided by their height, the captive air columns can be installed without worry in restricted areas. Their stability is ensured by a system of fixing on a water base. Customisable and reusable, they have a double envelope that is light, resistant and fully printable.

Supplied with a carry bag for your convenience, the bladderless columns inflate quickly with an electric inflator or hand pump. They can be completed with the installation of an LED backlight for added visibility and a belt with eyelets for secure attachment to grass or soft ground.

UAn inflatable column used as a signalling device

Captive air totems are air-inflated "bladders" mounted at the bottom on a PVC tray. The structure is then covered with a polyester fabric, the "sock".

The "sock" is printed in sublimation on its entire surface, the fixation on the PVC tray is ensured by a silicone ring.

The printable surface is important and must follow a few rules so that the aesthetics of the column are preserved, Do not hesitate to provide us with your visuals so that we can offer you a 3D visual of the product.

The different sizes of advertising columns

Columns size S :
Diameter Height Weight
0.44m 1.05m 5kg
0.45m 1.20m 7kg
0.60m 1.05m 6.5kg
0.72m 1.20m 12.5kg
Columns size M :
Diameter Height Weight
0.44m 2.20m 5,4kg
0.45m 2.20m 8kg
0.60m 2.20m 7kg
0.72m 2.20m 14kg
Columns size L :
Diameter Height Weight
0.45m 2.80m 9kg
0.60m 7.4m 8kg
0.72m 2.20m 15.5kg

Options and accessories

Optional :
  • Electric LED system
  • Guying belt + fixing kit
  • Steel plate 45cm for water base
  • Waterproof inner PVC casing + sock
  • Electric air inflator or hand pump
  • Fastening system
  • Carrying bag

Our range of inflatables without permanent blower

Advertising columns are versatile inflatable structures.
In the same range, you can discover the balloons on tripods which can be used in the same way.
You can also use simple inflatable balloons, to be placed on the floor or hung up. It is even possible to launch some in the public.

If your needs are more decoration-oriented, we recommend the use of mirror balloons and LED light balloon.

To mark the entrance to a space, the captive air arch is a very good option, and to make a welcome point the inflatable tents without blower are perfect.

If you have any questions, you can contact us, or see our "advertising structures" catalogue.