Take to the skies, without helium, with tripod balloons

Tripod balloons are an alternative to helium balloons, inflated with air they are held on a telescopic mast.

Information about advertising balloons on tripods

The giant balloon on a tripod

an alternative to helium balloons !

The giant balloon is a well known marketing medium, these POP displays can be used both indoors and outdoors and are effective in setting you apart from the competition.

On a stand, these balloons allow you to be easily located among the other exhibitors. This type of balloon also increases the surface area of your stand.

Used outdoors, the tripod balloon can be used as an occasional signage and other "meeting point", it is widely used to mark the entrance to the reception tent or an info point.

One of the advantages of these balloons is their mobility, they can be placed and moved easily, without the need for electricity or a helium supply.

The little brother of the helium balloon

Just like its big brother, the tripod advertising balloon is 100% customisable.

The PVC material used is twice as thick (0.35mm) as helium, but retains the same customisation properties :

  • White background colour or choice of pantone colours
  • Possibility to print one or more logos (full colour printing)
  • Possibility on the whole surface of the ball if needed.

Just like helium inflatables, the only limit to customizing these balloons is your imagination !

The different sizes of balloons and tripods :

Format Balloon diameter Maximum height of the mast PVC thickness
S 0.80m 3.00m 35 mm
M 0.90m 3.00m 35 mm
L 1.00m 3.00m 35 mm

Additional information.

Do you want a balloon on a tripod with a specific shape ? We can design this for you, contact us and talk about it !

Bottom colour of the tripod ball possible

12 basic colours

P2915 P280 NOIR P293 P806 P254 P348 P116 P032 P478 P360 P021

It is also possible to print a specific colour on the entire surface of the balloon.

Options and accessories
  • LED system for outdoor use
  • Electric air inflator
  • Air inflation hoses
  • Fixing system (plate or sleeve)
  • On-site installation

Our range of inflatable advertising without blowers

Many of the balloons in this range have evolved from helium balloons.
Indeed, one can cite the balloons to be placed on the ground or hung up, balloons "to be thrown" into the audience, or even balloons on poles

Other balloons are more the result of specific requests for decoration and/or staging, such as mirror balloons or LED balloons.

Among the waterproof inflatables (not requiring a permanent blower), it is also possible to mention the inflatable arches and air-filled tents, as well as the captive air advertising totems.

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