The giant airship ,100% visible !

The blimp is a zeppelin-shaped advertising balloon. It offers a large branding surface and is ideal for outdoor operations.

Information on airships

The advertising blimp.

Your ally for one-off marketing operations !

This Zeppelin shaped balloon allows you to define the location of your business or event.

Thanks to its large size, the helium-filled advertising blimp allows you to make your logo or advertising message visible in the air.

Its rocket shape and fins provide better wind resistance than a round balloon.

With this type of helium inflatable, you are sure to be seen from several kilometres away.

An advertising blimp in your colours!

Our advertising balloons are made of 0.18mm PVC, a lightweight material that is easy to process and print.

For an airship we usually start with a white background on which we place your logo/message in full colour, to complete this advertisement you can choose the colour of the fins (in nylon) from our range of colours.

Although we recommend white background balloons, in advertising the only limit is your imagination, it is therefore entirely possible to choose a background colour from among our various Pantone colours, and even to print a specific colour or motif on the entire surface of the balloon surface of the balloon

Different sizes and their uses.

3.00m in length 4.00m in length// Airships for indoor use.
5.00m in length 6.00m in length// Airships for indoor use.
Additional information..

The 3m and 4m long zeppelins are too small to fly outdoors. Indeed, for a helium balloon to fly correctly outdoors (i.e. to be windproof), its volume must be large, It is therefore necessary to start with a 5m or 6m long balloon (volume of about 20m³)

Do you want a balloon of a specific size or shape ? contact us and let's talk about it!

Background colour of the balloon possible

12 colours

P2915 P280 NOIR P293 P806 P254 P348 P116 P032 P478 P360 P021

It is also possible to print a specific colour on the entire surface of the ball.

  • Supply of helium
  • On-site installation
  • For the lighting of the airship we recommend the use of a sight from the ground.

Our helium advertising range

The airship airship is a very good solution for temporary communication operations (business openings, seasonal sales, marking a new location).

Depending on your needs, we can also direct you to other advertising products, such as round advertising balloons used on trade fair stands or the giant helium cube allowing to spread your message on all 6 sides, but also specialised forms like hot-air balloons, ou encoredes maisons, voitures ou mascottes gonflables.

Find all our advertising products on the catalogue page of the site.