Enhance your event with LED balloons

LED balloons can be used for decoration and/or animation purposes.

Information on LED balloons

The LED balloon,

an asset to create the atmosphere at your event !

LED tethered balloons are one of the most aesthetically pleasing inflatables available. Carrying an integrated LED system and a battery, also integrated, they make it possible to stage a place, while ensuring the visibility of your company. As part of a set of lighted balloons of different sizes and colours, they bring a very modern and design touch to a watering hole or a terrace, during a cocktail party or a reception.

Made of thick PVC, proudly bearing your brand logo or new product name, they are both lightweight and durable, with a range of 3 to 4 hours. Tethered air balloons come in different sizes, from 60 cm to 2 metres in diameter. They can be inflated with air or helium and come with a 12V charger for recharging, as well as a remote control for remote adjustment.

A LED balloon to boost your event !

Made from the same material (PVC 0.35mm) as the advertising balloons, the multicoloured LED balloons are just as easily personalised.
However, the background of the balloon must be white, on which we print your visual or your advertising message.

Various sizes

The multi-coloured light balloons are available in the following sizes

Ø 60 cm Ø 80 cm Ø100 cm Ø120 cm

Options and accessories

  • Additional remote controls
  • Electric air inflator

Our range of air inflatables

Just like mirror balloons, the giant LED balloons are most often used for ornamental or decorative purposes
as well as balloons from the audience they too can be thrown into the crowd.

The material is the same as that used for the giant hanging balloon and balloons on tripods, namely 35mm pvc.

Since we are in the range of air inflatables, we must also introduce you to the captive air arches and tents without blowers which can be used without a power source, just like our hook arches and other inflatable columns.

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