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Information on folding reception counters

The folding aluminium or inflatable counter stand.

An easy to set up counter for your exhibition stand.

Reception counters, either inflatable or mounted on an aluminium frame, are ideal for welcoming visitors to a trade fair. Whether at the entrance of a department store for a competition, under a tent for a discussion area or in the aisles of a trade fair as an orientation stand, the uses are many and varied.

The egg-shaped aluminium desks measure 90 cm by 40 cm. They consist of a shelf and a tray and are supplied with a carrying bag for easy handling. The inflatable lecterns have a cylindrical shape with a high tray and a floor base with velcro fasteners for fixing the printed envelope. LED backlighting is available as an option.

Easy to use, reception desks are an essential asset for meeting the public. Reusable, they are a relevant investment for your long-term communication and improve the functionality and ergonomics of a stand.

A kiosk used to communicate !

There are many formats and sizes of reception desks, but the customisation techniques are often the same :

The inflatable counters work in the same way as the captive air totems: a waterproof PU "bladder" is used, on which a 100% customizable polymer case is installed. a 100% customizable polymer case. The ends of the tube are completed with hard PVC trays

Lhe personalisation of the umbrella counters is done "flat" on a flexible PVC panel which is fixed with its magnetic tape around the aluminium structure. The top of the reception desk is made of thermoformed PVC, black lacquered or imitation wood.

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Inflatable reception counters

Model Diameter Height Weight
CP44 0.40m 1.05m 5kg
CP60 0.60m 1.05m 6.4kg
CP72 0.72m 1.20m 12.5kg
CP ACE 0.45m 0.52m 4.1kg
CP ACE 0.45m 0.90m 4.6kg

Inflatable reception counterss

Model Diameter Height Weight
STRECH BAR 0.60m 1.00m 0.38m 9kg
BAR VELCRO 0.96m 0.92m 0.41m 9.4kg
BAR OTTO 0.90m 0.90m 0.40m 14kg
BAR BAGOTO 0.90m 0.94m 0.45m 17kg

Options and accessories

Inflatable counter accessories :
  • Waterproof PVC inner casing + printed polyester sheath.
  • Top and bottom trays in medium or thermoformed PVC.
  • Inflation pump
  • Carrying bag.
Umbrella counter accessories :
  • Aluminium structure
  • 1 shelf, 1 tray size 90 cm x 40 cm.
  • Digital printing on encapsulated PP
  • Carrying bag
In options:
  • Carrying bag
  • Transport bag with wheels.
  • RLED lighting (for inflatable counters only)

Our range of display stands

The display stand offers many possible categories, in addition to our umbrella and inflatable counters, we offer inflatable furniture for stand, umbrella stands.

To deploy your stands outside, we offer a aluminium pro tent and customisable.

Of course, we offer many advertising structures that can be used for exhibitions, click here to see the full range.