Amaze your audience with giant balloons to place or hang

Giant air balloons from 0.60m to 4.00m in diameter, for your marketing operations, events or staging.

Information on advertising balloons for hanging or laying on the ground

Inflatable air balloons for hanging or standing

giant balloons to hang from the ceiling or place on the floor

Tethered balloons are undeniably eye-catching! Whether hanging, on a tripod or on the ground, they effectively convey your brand and colours to the public at a trade fair, open day or indoor or outdoor exhibition.

Their strong, lightweight PVC casing is fully customisable and reusable. The use of captive air has the advantage of not having to rely on a permanent power source, which is very useful for outdoor events. The balloons can be fitted with an electric LED system for bright outdoor use.

Supplied with a telescopic tripod and ropes, they can be fixed in any way you like to create a personalised display. The installation of the giant advertising balloons is facilitated by the use of an electric air inflator. Their installation is secured by the use of a plate or a fixing sleeve.

A giant advertising balloon with your brand logo !

Les ballons gonflables géants sont fabriqué en PVC (de 0.18mm à 0.35mm). Cette matière permet la personnalisation intégrale du ballon (impression en quadri, ou peinture).

To be placed on the ground or on a stand, or suspended from the ceiling, these balloons allow you to spread your brand to prospects or customers during a trade show or commercial event. They can also be used as an inflatable signage element at an event, and can also be an integral part of your decoration or staging

Different sizes and their uses.

Ø 40 cm Ø 60 cm Ø 80 cm Ø100 cm Ø120 cm Ø140 cm Ø160 cm // Balloons to be placed on the ground or hung up.
Ø180 cm Ø200 cm Ø250 cm // possibility to inflate them with helium (inside).
Ø250 cm Ø300 cm Ø350 cm Ø400 cm // possibility to inflate them with helium (outdoor)
Additional information.

These balloons are all made of PVC. Balloons smaller than 180cm cannot fly if inflated with helium because the helium weight/volume ratio is not respected.

We can also make inflatables to measure, contact us and talk about it !

Background colour of the giant inflatable ball

12 colours

P2915 P280 NOIR P293 P806 P254 P348 P116 P032 P478 P360 P021

It is also possible to print a specific colour on the entire surface of the balloon.

Accessories :
  • Rotation system
  • Light system
  • Electric air inflator
  • Air inflation hoses
  • Helium cylinder rental
  • On-site installation

Our range of captive air inflatables

Our range of waterproof inflatables includes a number of products, the first of which is the bair balloons to be placed on the ground or hung up or balloons on feet. We also offer bballoons to be thrown into the audience as well as LED light balloons. For decoration, we sell balloons with a chrome or gold metallic effect.

You can use advertising totems as signposts for the outside public, but also use inflatable arches as area dividers. The inflatable tents can be used as reception areas and other information points.

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